Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine

I'm not big on Valentine's Day. I think it brings a sad awareness to those waiting for the blessing of companionship God brings in a mate. It also becomes a competition to see who can do more, or in some cases who can get more.

Nonetheless, Eric and I always celebrate. It's funny how it all changes. Our first year we went to dinner at an upscale restaurant downtown. The next year we went on a lovers get-a-way. Once Eli came along we had candlelight dinners after he went to bed. Today we went to lunch together before heading to the pet store to buy Eli his gift.
Afterwards I had to pick up Eric's surprise and get Eli. He was so excited about getting Valentine's from friends at school. His were Batman(much to my display), but I let him choose and that's what he wanted.
He was so proud showing off all his candy and letters while I whipped up some special treats for my Valentines.
We ate by candlelight the dinning room enjoying some wonderful pasta. As you can tell from Eli's appearance, we didn't dress up for the occasion. I guess that's what happens after you have kids. Even so, he loved the special treatment.
After dinner we exchanged gifts and were nice enough to get Louie a bone and some treats. I got Eric some fresh tea from a place downtown and he lavished me with lots of gifts.
He always gets me a single rose. I'm not big on flowers because I think they are a waste of money and end up dying. A single rose is so thoughtful and romantic. He also got me tickets to see Leigh Anne Touhey and he ordered me her book. I enjoyed both of those earlier this month. Additionally he bought me Andes Mints and Dove Chocolate which are always a staple on special occasions.

Finally, he made a wonderful DVD telling the story of us. It was the most perfect and precious gift. He put so much time into not only producing the video, but also expressing is love and appreciation for me. It melted my heart into flubber. I love that man!
Oh yeah, this is the 3D card he made me as the album cover. It actually pops up when you open it!!
Finally, it was time to surprise Eli with his gift...NEMO!! Every time we asked him what he wanted for Valentine's Day this is what he said. So, we scored a Nemo Aquarium for $16 at the pet store. I have a feeling we may go through a few fish, but lucky for us they all look the same!

Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating the loves in your life!

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