Saturday, February 11, 2012

National Corvette Museum

We didn't really have too much going on in the Watson home today, so Eric and I decided to take Eli to the National Corvette Museum, which is quite literally in our back yard.
We started out little outing with lunch at the Corvette Cafe which is a cute 1950's Diner on the campus. Eli enjoyed the car toy he got in the Happy Meal.
Meanwhile Eric enjoyed looking at the cars and the Corvette memorabilia.
Eli thought every single red car was Lightening McQueen and every blue one was Dinoco. Bless their hearts, my boy were in heaven...especially Eli who stayed about half an hour in the ball-pit in their "It's A Nano World" science exhibit.
Here are the Watson men daydreaming about their future car...
Luckily, Eli worked his magic on one of the museum employees who let us get inside this beautiful, blue vette and day dream a little more!

After our little outing we went buy Sam's Club to buy groceries for the week and we even picked up BBQ for Sunday lunch. After that it was a pretty low key evening for me and my boys!

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