Sunday, February 26, 2012

Party Animal

We had a great weekend around the Watson home, and Eli was such a little Party Animal.

Friday night Owen came over to play and bring some yummy cookies. We love watching the boy's budding friendship...they are adorable. And before I die of embarrassment, I know that Eli doesn't match. That's because he insisted on wearing a "Cardinals" top and "Cats" bottom. Sweet boy trying to please both Momma and Daddy!

Saturday I was pretty sick with a cold, so I slept most of the morning while Eric watched Eli. When I did decided to join the rest of the family, it was time to head to Emma Kate and Macy's birthday party. It was Candyland themed.

Ashley is so creative and did such a good job bringing everything together. Eli was especially fond of the cake...ha!

Here he is with Emma Kate who turned 5.

And I love that Macy (3) looks like she might eat him in this picture. Bless their little hearts!

We got home just before Nan, Grandad and Colby arrived. Luckily, I was able to leave Eli with them while I tried to get more rest.

Sunday we all got up and went to lunch before heading to the mall. We pretty much partied all weekend, and sometimes that is just what you need!

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