Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I'm Lovin'

**Disclaimer: I keep forgetting to hit "post." That's why everything is a day bad!!**

Ya'll, it's What I'm LOVIN' Wednesday, so I'm linking up with Jamie to share.

I'm LOVIN' that we are half way through the work week and that it's moving super fast.

I'm LOVIN' that we could get a little snow Friday night.

I'm LOVIN' the Toughey family from "The Blind Side."

Also, I'm LOVIN' that my super awesome husband is feeding my obsession for them by ordering me their book.

I'm LOVIN' this qu0te I found on Pinterest. I think it it pretty much sums up Michael Oher's story!
While we are talking about pinterest finds, I'm LOVIN this perfect winter look. It's so warm and bright at the same time. Valentine's inspiration??

I'm LOVIN' these wall stickers I found at the Dollar Tree. Ya'll know I'm not about to allow them in the bedroom, so Little Man better enjoy them on the back of the closet door...haha!

And of course, I'm LOVIN' my boys. What are you lovin' today?

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