Saturday, March 10, 2012

Alex's Shower

I have been looking forward to today for a since September when I found out that Alex was expecting! Having showers seems to be the way my friends and I make time for each other yearly.

Anyway, Eric and Eli kindly left town giving me the whole weekend with the girls!

Friday night Alex drove into town for a long overdue reunion. We went to dinner at Kyotos and made a target run. It reminded me so much of college. We just talk and talked! Then we came back to my house and talked some more...until after midnight.

I asked Alex what we talked about before husbands and babies. Her reply, "Our FUTURE husbands and babies." True story!

I slept so soundly and late not waking up until after 9:00 this morning!! We ate breakfast and talked some more. Then we got ready for the shower while still chatting it up. Once everything was ready we went to get lunch and meet Katie! Then is was time for our afternoon tea.

After showering baby Brewer with gifts, we went to dinner at Mariah's where we talked even longer. I'm telling you what, it broke my heart when we had to go our separate ways. I love these ladies and can not wait to meet Alex's sweet boy!

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