Thursday, March 1, 2012

Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This

Ya'll this has been a day for the books. I'm not complaining when I document the following occurrences. I'm actually laughing out loud and hoping I don't have another 24 hours like this EVER again!!

1. The day starts with me corresponding with show guests cancelled yesterday due to storms.

2. One said guest shows up unannounced for LIVE show, but all is well.

3. Reporter's story falls through leaving me short on time for tomorrow's show.

4. Co-worker tells me clothes make me look "bigger" on air. She was trying to be nice, but it wasn't the best day.

5. Pull extra hours to help co-worker out. I volunteered to do this, so it's what happened next that lands this on my list.

6. Said interview turns out to be a video only shoot that I wasn't actually needed for.

7. Van breaks down on way home from work.

8. Make it to Advance Auto, but can't get it to start leaving parking lot.

9. Pray whole way to mechanic that was less than a half mile from Auto Zone.

10. Have to leave van overnight and swing by work to pick up utility van to drive.

11. Pick Eli up 5 hours late!

12. Swing by grocery for healthy meal essentials aka... Hamburger Helper.

13. Make it home to cook said meal, but realize there is no milk.

14. Take screaming 2 year old to gas station in husband's car to purchase overpriced milk.

15. Eat dinner, leave mess in kitchen, bathe said two year old, pray for a better day, hit the hay!

As the old saying goes, "March comes in one of two ways." For me, it was like a lion. Let's hope it goes out like a lamb! Haha!!

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