Sunday, March 11, 2012

Selection Sunday

Do you realize that FOUR Kentucky teams have made it into the NCAA Tournament...Kentucky, Louisville, Murray, and Western. How's that for tradition?! Well, once WKU won the sunbelt we decided to head to Diddle Arena for Selection Sunday.

After church I came home to straighten up and wait for the boys to get back in town. Then it was a quick lunch before heading to campus.

Eli made it on the jumbo-tron and loved cheering on the tops while we waited for the selection show to start. Of course seeing Big Red is always a hit too!

We were so embarrassed that we was wearing Cardinals gear, but he simply wouldn't take it off. Lucky for us, it was at least red!

Following the big announcement we were able to meet the players and have them sign autographs. Eli didn't know what was going on, but we thought he may want to have a few signatures on his Red Towel!

We play against Mississippi Valley Tuesday night and if we win, we take on the Kentucky Wildcats...interesting! Nonetheless...GO TOPPERS!!

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