Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sesame Street LIVE

Today has been a big, and I do mean BIG day for my sweet boy. He woke up very early around 5:00 am to come into the station to meet Elmo and Super Grover who were on the show to promote Sesame Street LIVE.

He was so excited when they walked into the studio! As you can see below, our furry monsters were not only wonderful guests, they also helped do the weather!

After the show, Eli got to spend the day at work with Mommy, which was an adventure for all involved. It deserves it own post, so stay tuned...ha!

After work we met Daddy for lunch at which point Eli fell asleep in the booth. Then it was a quick trip to buy wipes and we were off to the show.

The doors opened an hour early for kids to get pictures on the "set." Here is Eli with Oscar.

Count Dracula was a little more scary...poor thing!

We even got to set on the famous steps of Sesame Street!

We can't forget Big Bird's Nest...

and most importantly, ELMO'S WORLD!!!

The little girls in front of us took our seats, and as you tell from below...they were great!

It was a high energy, fully entertaining performance that left Eli with this expression for an hour and a half!
We ate dinner, played baseball and hit the hay early tonight. Hoping all this fun lands us a full night's rest!

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