Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day

Ya'll I had magical visions for our St. Patty's Day that included eating a breakfast of Lucky Charms and green milk, going to a baseball game, and doing a green eggs and ham theme for dinner. Sadly, none of that happened when Eli got sick yesterday.

Actually, that's not true. He ate all the marshmallow out of the Lucky Charms before we went to the doctor...ha!

We spent our day at home watching basketball and getting ready for Spring. We did venture out to get this boy a doughnut which is when he put on his special t-shirt.

Since we didn't get our lovely St. Patty's breakfast we settled for green sprinkles on an afternoon doughnut.

I don't think Eli minded too much though. Just look at this sugar-coma face...ha!

It might not have gone as planned, but I sure did enjoy our blessed day.

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