Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm Lovin'

It's been a low key week around the Watson home which explains my super boring posts. Nonetheless, I like to take time every week to our my here we go takes to pinterest.

For starters, I'm LOVIN' the fabulous weather we've been having. 85 degrees in March...yes please!!

Warm weather means fun clothes, and I'm LOVIN' the spring fashions this year. They are so modest and feminine. Plus the colors are beautiful.

Of course shorts and skirts make me wish I could magically lose 20 lbs. Since that's not possible, I'm LOVIN' laughin' that this quote!

Of course spring also means baseball and lots of it. Eli's room continues to be a work in progress, so I'm LOVIN' this wall art. I think we'll do something of the sort, but change the verse to his life verse.

While we're getting crafty, I'm LOVIN' this wreath idea I found. My front porch needs some sprucing up and this just might have to do.

Of course I'm LOVIN' my about you?

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