Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Lovin'

Ya'll, it's time to share with you What I'm Lovin' on this beautiful Wednesday.

For starters, I'm Lovin' this awesome weather and all the backyard ball we've been playing at my house.

Also, I'm Lovin' my super-clean car...thanks hubby!

Lovin' Pinterest for all this great find this week. Especially the Southern Traditions. I think all but the crafty ones will be carried on in the Watson home.

Speaking of the Watson home, I'm Lovin' all the fun we are having with the Cards v. Cats Final Four Game...stayed tuned for much, much more!

Even though it's March Madness, I'm excited for summer. This means
I'm LOVIN' this sweet treat.

Summer wouldn't be complete without dresses, so while a look ahead to those sultry months, I'm Lovin' this dress.
Remember, all this pictures today are from pinterest where I found this master bedroom idea that, I'm Lovin'.
As always, I'm lovin' my sweet boys. How about you?

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