Friday, March 9, 2012

Whenever You Remember

I don't know about ya'll, but songs make me get all mushy and sentimental. There is a song Carrie Underwood sings called "Whenever You Remember" and it talks about the bond of friendship. Of course I get all sappy reflecting on the blessing of friendship I had with an amazing group of ladies in college, woman I call friends to this day! Since many of them are coming in this weekend, I thought we would take a trip down memory lane.
Here we in Alabama in October 2007, such young things...Ha! I would get married the same weekend only one year later. MIND BLOWING!!

Just a few short months later, it was time to enter the real world. I'll never forget that night before graduation in May 2008 when we walked around campus together shooting a million pictures trying to capture those last few precious moments of college life. I can remember wondering if our bond who continue or if the friendship would fizzle.

It did not frizzle. In fact, no matter how long we go between visits we always seem to pick up right where we left off. Take the above picture for example, this was at the rehearsal dinner for my wedding on October 3rd 2008. These ladies came in from Tennessee, Texas, and Florida to be a part of my big day.

About five months later in April 2009 we reunited for Alex's wedding shower. I say shower, but basically we end up sitting around talking for hours on end. I can not tell you what it does for my heart!

As you tell, pregnancy didn't look good on me...ha! However, no one mentioned it when we got together again in June 2009 to celebrate Alex's marriage! (Katie Ro- I still laugh about you answering the phone that night)

Just two short months later in August 2009, these ladies where once again there as I welcomed my son into the world!

No one got married or had babies in 2010, but that didn't stop us from having a mini visit when Alex drove nearly 3 hours one night to come watch my baby so that I could rest. I don't have pictures from our visit, but that single act of kindness and the encouragement of the other ladies refreshed my soul more than I could ever express.

Luckily, we were back on track in 2010 when Brooke's got hitched. Above is a picture from her shower. Just two months later we were together again for her wedding. We chatted the whole way to Tennessee and didn't stop the entire night. These women are such a blessing.

We'll be together again tomorrow for Alex's baby shower and we have plans to take a girls weekend sometime this summer. Plus, Brooke is running a Mini Marathon with me this fall. Other than that, there's nothing on the agenda for 2013. That means someone needs to get married or pregnant...ha!

The Lord has continued to bless me with the friendship of many women as I've grown older. I have acquaintances I chat with, co-workers I laugh with, fellow mommies we play with, church ladies I pray with, and even "sisters" I do life with. I praise the Lord for blessing my life so abundantly with these friendships, they are all equally as treasured. However, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for the women from WKU who will keep me forever young.

I love you ladies!!

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