Friday, April 27, 2012

No Harm; No Foul

I had to share this video with you this morning.  I never watch the news which seems weird since I work in television, but honestly I'm too busy at that hour to pay attention.  However this story stood out to me on so many levels.  Watch the video before you read my thoughts.

Crying baseball tot’s mom: ’He doesn’t get everything all the time’

1. A toddler decked out in baseball gear is an every day occurrence at my house, so this sweet boy struck a cord with me in that department.

2. The whole scene of a crying kid at a baseball game is my life.  I mean Daddy holding, Mommy soothing, kid screaming.  That's real life.

3. Who would still a baseball from a kid?  I mean, don't we all know that we're supposed to give the kid the ball.  We're not talking about Babe Ruth's home run ball here!

4.  The thief couple supposedly didn't know that the kid was upset? Really, who couldn't hear him?

5.  The boys parents were truly gracious when interviewed saying it was a good life lesson about not getting everything you want.  True, but the adults apparently didn't learn that lesson as children...ha!

Happy Friday!!

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