Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Story Time With Eli

I have to be honest, this isn't a story. It's more like a few highlights from my boy.

Every night when we pray, I let Eli tell me what he wants to talk to Jesus about. Topics of late have been Chuck E' Cheese, alligators, his hair, and the Cats and Cardinals. Haha...can you tell we're fans?!

Along those same lines, I was telling him the story of David and Goliath the other day. When I got to describing the giant I told Eli he was mean and very, very tall. To this Eli replied, "can shoot the ball?" Really?? My kid hears about a tall, biblical giant and thinks it equivocates to basketball.

While we are the topic of ball. We have to sing the :ball song" every day. It's a little ditty I wrote to the tune of Barney's "I Love You, You Love Me." It goes like this:

"I love ball ,I love ball.
I love the game of basketball,
With a Center and Forward and a guard too.
I love basketball, how 'bout you?

I love ball, I love ball.
I love the game of football,
With a Quarterback, Runningback, and Kicker too.
I love football, how bout you?

I love ball, I love ball.
I love the game of baseball,
With a pitcher, and a batter, and a catcher too.
I love baseball how about you."

Go ahead and tell me. I'm on my way to making millions as a song writer in Nashville. Haha!

Finally, we play "Sandlot" in the dirt where the pool will go this summer. He pretends Louie is the beast and he is Smalls. Sometimes my sweet boy gets tired of sandlot and plays Rookie Of The Year at which point he says, " Na na na, Mommy has a big butt."

I think he has sports on his mind. Don't worry though, we keep this little obsession in check by play cars, coloring, and going to the park. Love his heart!!

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