Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vacation 2012 - Day Three

We were lucky to sleep late on Monday morning and eat a big country breakfast on the hotel balcony before heading to the ball field. I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy trying to chase Eli around the practice fields.

After the game we headed back to the hotel and got to spend a few hours on the beach before getting ready to eat dinner. Again, no pictures...don't worry, I got plenty in the days that followed!

I love that Eli is so happy to be between two ladies who are head over heels in love with sweet!

Here are the three of us before heading to dinner. The stinkin' humidity didn't do much for my hair...ha!

We ate at Fudpuckers , then I headed back to the condo to watch the Kentucky Wildcats become the National Champions!!! I may have watched the victory ALONE while the Louisville fans shopped, but it was worth it.

After the game, Eric, Emily and me went for a walk on the beach. I'm such a baby, so Eric carried a knife, Emily a flashlight and me some mace. So glad we didn't run into the "law." They would never have believed we were just taking a stroll! Ha!

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