Sunday, May 6, 2012

Clay's Graduation Weekend

This past weekend was full of celebrations.  For starters, our church celebrate it's Bi-centennial AND broke ground on a new building.  Eric's cousin, April, tied the knot....and my brother graduated from college.  Since we couldn't be in three places at once, we decided to head to Lexington to celebrate my brother's success.

Of course we spent Friday afternoon getting ready to leave. We made it home around 9:00 that night and met my parents for ice cream before heading to the house to get ready for the big day.

Saturday morning we drove to Richmond to eat brunch with my brother and his fiance'.  We were actually meeting Mandi's family for the first time.  Since Clay and Mandi had seperate graduations, Eric and decided that after breakfast we would head back to Clay's apartment while everyone else went to Mandi's ceremony.  It was a wise decision... Eli was not in the best spirits.

The Commencement took so long that there was only enough time for everyone to come get us at the apartment become heading back to campus for my brother's ceremony.  Here is the only picture I got of these love-birds.

The ceremony was long, so we took Eli out several times to run around so that he wouldn't upset the people around us who were a little annoying anyway.

Then it was a few quick pictures before heading back to Lexington for a steak dinner at my favorite restaurant...Columbia's!!


After dinner my parents took Eli home so that we could go out with my brother and sister.  I would like to point out a few observations from this photo:

1. Everyone looks greasy, so I think I need to clean my lense.

2.  Amy and Mandi look super young and cute.

3. Meanwhile, I need to loose the "mom-bob."

4.  I think I have made an executive decision to go for longer locks.

I don't want you to think we're big party-ers or anything.  We were home by 11:30...gosh I'm old!!  On Sunday we vistited with more family, inlcuing my cousin Sarah who is Eli's godmother.  Other than that, we pretty much relaxed before eating dinner at Panera and heading home.

We were so blessed to be a part of these celebrations!!

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