Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Saturday

Eric's cousins and their kids came into town today for a quick visit.  Their daughter, Katie, is very gifted in science and is quite interested in meteorology, so we took her by the station today for "behind the scenes" tour.

Here we are in front of the green screen where we recorded a forecast.

 This is us editing a video we made for Katie to take home to show her family and friends.  I must say that she really impressed me.  Not only did she have an incredible knowledge of the science, she also was conversational and at ease in front of the camera.  I honestly think she may have a future in this.

Above are a couple of pictures of us reading the computer information and getting ready for our forecast.  Ya'll know I love to talk, and it makes me feel important when people actually want to listen...ha!

After the study tour we headed to Mammoth Cave.  It was really too hot to do anything else, and the kids had never been.  Of course, Eli was beside himself that Sammy got to stay and play a littler longer.  They were so cute together!!

After the cave, we ate a late lunch at Cracker Barrel before everyone had to head home. Eric, Eli and I rested for a bit before Nan, Gandad and Colby came up for a visit. It's always a blessing to be surrounded by family.  

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