Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Ya'll know I love making Bucket Lists for each season.  It keeps me from feeling pressured with a schedule, but also allows me to organize my thoughts.  Of course not everything on this list will get checked off, but I promise to do the best I can to make lasting memories with my boys this summer.

1. Swim In Pool
2. Beech Bend Park
3. Splashing Lagoon
4. Holiday World
5. Ice Cream & A MOOvie
6. Flavor Isle
7. Make Snow Cones
8. Get Shaved Ice
9. French Lick Resort
10. Visit Both Families
11. Run In Sprinkler
12. Water Gun Fight
13. Water Balloon Fight
14. Fountain Square Park
15. Firework Show
16. Eli's Birthday Party
17. State Fair
18. Baseball Game

Here's to a great summer...following Eric's recovery, of course!!

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