Friday, July 13, 2012

Family Fun Night

It's been kinda crazy around these parts for the past few days, so we are excited to spend a fun/quiet weekend at home.  

It rained all day yesterday, so we cooked chili for supper.  Lucky for us, it cleared up shortly after which meant we were able to spend some much needed time outdoors! Eli was a mess playing in the building and "working" on the lockers that will be in his room.

He also played on the mower.  Don't worry...we leave the blade up, take the keys out, and stand about a foot away to ensure safety for our little Dennis The Menace!

After a little pretend lawn work, my sweet boy helped pick some fresh vegetables from the garden.  As you can see from the picture, he got a little dirty which is why a nice, long bath was on the agenda next.

In the winter we take our time with the bathing process, but in the summer we're always outside until the last possible minute.  It was nice to have time to play cars and slash around for a change!

After bath time, Eli was squeaky clean, so we spent some time getting creative with play-dough and coloring before we settled in to have watch a movie.

Our Friday nights are always quiet, but we enjoy every second of Family Fun Night!!

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  1. Love the catching up! And what is the story on the lockers? Where did you get those? Awesome!