Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm Behind

Are ya'll ready for another blah, blah, blah post about how much I miss blogging.  The truth is, I'm behind...A LOT!!  You're going to hear all about it, but it's hang on!

1. Work has been insanely stressful for the past to the point I want to cry.  That's saying a lot considering I love my job.  I still do.  It's just that there have been several changes and added responsibilities.  It's all started to add up...and fast!  I just need to get a better grip on things, find my new stride, and roll with the punches.

2. I haven't been to the gym in two weeks...haven't had the time.  Between work and this little thing called Motherhood, I've had other priorities.  Sadly, this has resulted in a 20 lb weight gain...oops!

3.  Did I mention that I'm stressed out?

4. It's been too hot to play outside which means that we haven't been swimming much as of late.  I hate that. I love swimming, and I love a good tan!

5. Eli has started stuttering which is driving me bonkers!  They tell me that it has nothing to do with speech.  It's actually a developmental thing where kids are trying to use more vocabulary, but their mouths can't keep up with their brains, so they stutter. WEIRD.  Once I realize what he's trying to say, I repeat it back to him and make him say it without stuttering.  Sounds harsh, but he has to learn to slow down/

6. Speaking of Eli, he is basically sleeping through the night and has been for about a month.  Can I get a Hallelujah?!!

7.  Oh yeah, I'm really stressed!

8.  That's why this weekend can't get here soon enough.  Eric and I are off work on Friday and will enjoy some much needed alone time until Sunday.  There will QUIET dinners out, lots of sleeping in, golf for him, and a spa day more me...score!!

9.  Who knows, with all the down time I may get caught up on blogging.  If that happens, here is the list of topics sitting on my desk that you will soon read all about.

1. Thuderfest
2. Out Rip To Nan's
3. Contentment v. Complacency
4. Family Fun Night
5. Wet & Wild
6. Cardinal Caravan
7. Our Garden  

I'm plum giddy just thinking about getting caught up.  Until then...enjoy your Wednesday.  I sure will because only one day stands between me and the weekend...WHOO HOO!!!!

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  1. You will get caught up very soon :) No worries! Mommy hood conquers all - especially the blog life a lot of times!

    Also, I really enjoyed your article in the BG parent magazine. I loved it! I was giddy when I first opened and saw your sweet family!