Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thunderfest 2012

As we do every year, we had a great time celebrating July 4th with the Adkins family.  They came over for a cookout tonight before we headed to the fireworks.  I have to say that I love them being on the 3rd.  It makes so much sense that people would rather stay out late on a night they don't have to worry about getting ready for work the next day.  

After last year's 5 hour wait, we decided that we would hang out at the house until a few minutes before the show started.  That way the boys would be better behaved and we could save money by watching them from across the street...ha!

We made it to the parking lot across the street about an hour before the show started.  The boys had a blast playing with bubbles and cars. I also talked Eric into getting me salsa at the Mexican Restaurant, so that was nice too!

I was a little nervous about how Eli would do once the fireworks started.  He's not real big on load noises, and last year he kinda panicked a little.

Lucky for me, he was a champ!  In fact he and Owen kept pointing and giggling and talking about all the colors.  It was precious! Awe, I love our family outings with the Adkins!

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