Monday, July 30, 2012

We're Baaaack!

 We are back from the most delightful and relaxing weekend I have experienced in a long time.  Eric and I spent some much needed alone time in this beautiful, historic resort where we slept late, ate peaceful meals in delightful restaurants, and talked in quiet, uninterrupted tones!

 We toured the grounds, played golf, went to the spa, and even tried our luck at a slot machine for the very first time ever...penny slots...and we lost.  Ha!  Clearly, we are not gamblers!

Don't worry.  You'll read all about this little lover's getaway soon enough.  Until then, it's back to reality for us.  That means alarm clocks that go off before 5 am, mounds of laundry, two jobs, and a house to run.  Ah well, we're blessed that our reality is so amazing.

Stick around...picture overload AND a major update on the entire month of July to come....aka about 15 posts!!

  You know, as soon as work gets somewhat normal again.  I'm aiming for Christmas....haha!

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