Sunday, August 12, 2012

An Outta The Park Party

Yesterday was the much anticipate Baseball Birthday Party, and my little three-year-old was beside himself with excitement.  Last year I had surgery the week of his party. This year Eric had been in the hospital and I was recovering from a sinus infection...what the heck?

Despite all the chaos, I was thrilled his party came together in the nick of time. 

Eli looked so dashing in this baseball attire. 

We decided to serve concession stand goodies like Popcorn and Cracker Jacks. 

Of course no baseball outing is complete without Big League Chew.

I was beyond thrilled with the cake was both beautiful and delicious! 

Eli was so excited to hear everyone sing to him and cheer when he blew out the candles.  

Of course my mom was a Baby Hog and took over Eli's little buddy, Griffin!

Oh goodness, how he adore his cousin!

Eli cracked me up opening presents.  He would talk to everyone, sip on some Sprite, read the card, and them slowly open everything...precious!

Eli was blessed with so many wonderful friends and family to celebrate his big day, and he loved each and every gift...TRUST ME!

There were three major things on this list this year 1. A Helmet 2. Race Track 3. Franchesco Of Italy.  Just look at this sweet face when he opened the race track...pure joy, my friends!!

While he was admiring the much desired toy, he got another big surprise...Franchesco!

Please note that we did not make him wear the helmet, although I am proud that he takes safety to a whole new level...ha!

After opening all the gifts, we watched The Sandlot on the outdoor projector thus ending our Out Of The Park Party!!

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