Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Consignment Sale Finds

Today my co-worker and I headed out to the semi-annual Duck Duck Goose sale  to pick up some winter goodies for our boys.  I'm pretty sure we were in there at least two hours, but I do a lot of consignment shopping and I'm learning that you can't just buy odd pieces.  You  have to have an outfit or you'll end up wasting money.  

I always end up spending the bulk of my money on daycare clothes.  I want him to be comfortable, but also look presentable when we run errands in the afternoon.  I tend to justify paying more for church clothes, so I LOVE finding consignment bargains on every day clothes.  All but two of these outfits are brand name with Children's Place, Old Navy, Gymboree, and Crazy Eight being the most common.   Plus, I scored several team shirts which are Eli's favorite.  We have the Dallas Cowboys, the Tennessee Titans, and of course, the Louisville Cardinals!

As I mentioned, I typically buy church clothes and dressier things at department stores and kid's boutiques, but that didn't stop me from browsing and finding these cute items.  Looks like blue might be in our future!

Of course I love holiday themed clothing, but I hate how limited I am to putting it on Eli.  So, consignment finds are the best.  I also like to buy them a little big so that we'll get a couple of years out of them. Ha!  I have a few things left from last year, but I picked up some more goodies for this season.

I also nabbed these deals!  Two pair of church shoes and a suitcase.  Funny story, when we travel I pack Eli's clothes in a Vera Bradly bag...poor guy.  My mother in law always teases me, so I thought the new luggage would be a nice change!!

Do you consignment shop?  If so, where? 

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  1. I consign at Lil Angels Attic! It is hard to find a good/ perfect sale to meet our needs to always attend!