Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eli's First Date

Ya'll, We've had a milestone in the life of my little boy...his FIRST DATE!!  That's right, he and Macy had a romantic afternoon together...ha!

Actually we were meeting Macy and her two sisters for a milkshake this afternoon, but Emma (Macy sister) wasn't out of school yet.  That meant I got to pick up Macy from pre-school and Eli from daycare.  Since we had some extra time to spare, I took them to McDonalds' to get a drink and play on the computer.

Then it was off to Flavor Isle for a milkshake and some fun with Macy's sisters. Eli was so excited, he planted a big wet one right on Macy's mouth.  Ha!  Guess, I better start chaperoning better!

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