Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Bucket List

Ya'll know by now that fall is my favorite season.  Well, for me it officially begins on Labor Day.  So before we kick this whole thing off, here are some of my goals for the season.

For Eli:
1. Play In Leaves
2. Chaney's Dairy Barn
3. Jackson's Orchard
4. Paint Pumpkins
5. Carve Pumpkins
6. Treat Or Treat
7. Tailgate @ WKU
8. Beech Bend Park
9. Holiday World
10. Bon Fire
11. Go Hiking
12. Go Camping
13. Garden Of The Gods
14. Make Leaf Men
15. Go Vote with Mommy

To Eat:
1. Apple Pie
2. Apple Cider
3. Pumpkin Pie
4. Pumpkin Bread
5. Ghost Cookies

For The House:
1. Finish Eli's Lockers
2. Put up swing set
3. Decorate Porch
4. Make Wreaths

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