Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's A Southern Thing

Ya'll know I love me some football, which means I am pumped for this weekend to get here.  Not only does all the college action start, the big Govenor's Bowl with Louisville v. Kentucky is this weekend too.

I'm not too positive that it's going to turn out in my favor.  Actually, I'm think the whole UK season is looking a little grim. Oh well, love them anyway.  Come to think of it, I love the SEC in general...minus LSU...I don't like LSU.

So, even though I am a huge, HUGE Wildcat fan I probably won't be going to any games this season.  I will on the other hand be watching the WKU  Toppers in action.  

That scares me a little because I just don't have anything to wear.

If you're from the South you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.  Dressing up for the game is just as important as winning it!  I used to have tons of red and black dresses to wear, but my new mom body has me stuck in a rut this season.  Since I'm in the market for a new dress or two, here's what I'm looking at...

This is fairly long, so it would be modest which is really important to me.  Plus, it's loose so it would be forgiving for my muffin top. HA!  Also, it's long sleeve which makes it practical much longer into the season and for basketball events as well.

This is probably my favorite, although I don't want to step on the toes of my Alabama friends who would of course love this dress.  Also, I can't see the bottom, so I'm not sure that the length would work.  The good thing is the neckline.  It's very modest and would lend itself easily to keeping up with a toddler.  Plus, with a red cardigan, I could take this into the winter as well.

I think this is a super cute dress too!  My only problem with it is the length.  Luckily, I'm only 5'2" so it would probably hit me at the knees.  I also like that it's umpire waste.  It's a very forgiving look post baby!  I don't think a sweater would look too cute with this one, so winter sports would be out...but it's cute for football!

And finally, the ever trendy dress.  I love that the neckline is high, and the length would again work for my short legs.  I'm just worried that the print would make me look like the broad side of a barn.  Plus, who knows if this will be trendy next year?  The others are timeless.

So what do you think?  Which would you pick?

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  1. Ummm I pick... A hoodie an jeans?! Haha! And I promise I am born and raised in the south :-)

    But my two favs are the one shouldered and the halter neck.