Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just An Ordinary Night

Do you ever get bored with life?  I do.  Sometimes it seems like all I do is wake up at 4:48, take a shower, go to work, pick up Eli, clean the house, do laundry, cook dinner, and press repeat...ha! But the truth is, in the midst of these sometimes boring days, are magical moments that become the memories we cherish most. 

It's on ordinary nights that we let Eli throw all the out of date eggs.  He loves it, and I know he'll grow up remembering doing that in the back yard.  It's a small thing, but one day I'll just throw away old eggs like normal people do.  It's then that I'll miss how magical this ordinary event truly is. 

Every time we look at Louie's house, we'll be taken back to the ordinary nights when Eli played next to Daddy while he worked.  Eventually the dog will be gone and Eli will be too big to fit inside, but we will always take the memories of those moments with us.  

During the summer, eating a Popsicle is very ordinary, but one day I'll sit on my front porch alone missing my blonde companion as he moves on to other activities.  It's then that the ordinary summer treat will become extraordinary.

Yeah, life will wear you out.  But tucked inside the "dryer cycle" of life are precious moments that will last a lifetime.

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