Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kentucky State Fair

Today we headed to Louisville for the Kentucky State Fair.  My family went every year growing up, and it's something that I really look forward to doing  However, with my work schedule and so many birthdays in August, we haven't been in five years.

Oddly enough, that was on a first date with Eric.  Ha!

So, after work this morning I came home to pick up the boys and we were headed north!  The ride was went smoothly until Eli announced that he had to poop.  We stopped at a truck stop, and turns out he meant pee.  Ah well, better safe than sorry.

Sadly, Little Man threw a MAJOR fit for a toy car.  We were tempted to turn around had head home.  I'm so glad we didn't because we had such a fun day.

We met my parents at Freddy Farmer who is a giant farmer.  He's fake, but Eli thought it was Goliath. After talking with Freddy, we went to look at the cow, pigs, and sheep.  Next was my favorite, lunch at the Kentucky Proud tent.  I ate a rib-eye steak sandwich!

I was in 4-H and my sister was in FFA, so we were sure to walk through the exhibits to see what the kids had displayed this year.

Eli saw bees, rode a tractor, and watched some baby chicks hatch.  After that we went to the kid's wing where we spent a ton of time doing things like...

Watching the balloon master...

Posing with a black bear....

Riding the power equipment....

And testing out a mini police cruiser   

Oh yeah, Eli got his driver's license.  The state police always host Safety City where the kids get to ride trikes around and learn about traffic stops and watching for other people on the road. 

After that we hit up the flee market, rode the trolley around the park, and wondered around looking at some of the stuff we had missed.  Then it was dinner at Buckhead Cafe, and back home.  We're pretty exhausted and really dreading work in the morning, but it was so worth it for the precious memories we made with our sweet boy today.  

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