Monday, August 6, 2012

One of THOSE Weeks

After posting last Monday, yes LAST week...I became terribly sick with what I thought was a cold.  Turns out it was a pretty gnarly sinus infection.  So, I left work early on Tuesday and stayed home all day Wednesday.

I was back in the office on Thursday, but completely drowned in make-up work...rrh!  Sadly, Friday wasn't much better and I worked for a friend on Saturday.

I was exhausted yesterday and spent the day pretty much on the couch still hacking my guts out.  You're welcome of the imagery! So, long story short I haven't cleaned my house, done laundry, or cooked a meal in almost two full weeks.

Anyway, I was eager to get back into the routine of our lives today.  You know, clean the toilets and go to the grocery.  Yeah, that didn't happen.

After the show this morning Eric called me to come take him to the emergency room with what we thought was a kidney stone.  We spent our entire morning and a portion of the afternoon in the ER.  Luckily...or maybe not so lucky if you're Eric...he had two separate problems that mimicked a kidney stone.

So, now we are a dirty house...vegging out to the Olympics and gorging ourselves on fast food...AGAIN!

Here's to hoping tomorrow is the start of a better week here in the Watson home.

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