Friday, August 24, 2012

The Bon Fire

We were pretty worn out today after all the fun at the fair, so we decided to enjoy a low key night at home.  I fixed pasta for supper and then we just played around the house until it finally got dark.  That's when we put our fire pit to good use.

I am TERRIFIED of a lot!  I was a nervous wreck the whole time we were outside, but luckily Eli did pretty well.  In fact, he was a good helper making the smore's.

He also enjoyed singing pretty much every song he knew.  His idea.  I have no clue how he knew people sing around fires, but it sure was cute.  

He convinced me to make and extra s'more....haha!  Oh yeah, and he wanted to include Louis in everything!

Eli kept asking if Santa was coming tonight...again, not sure what that was about.  Anyway, when we came inside to watch a family movie, he picked a Christmas one.  Ha!  Love this kid! 


  1. Love the Christmas movie. Odie's favorite is Polar Express. We watch it ALL the time!

  2. Ha love the odd Christmas twist. He is too fun!