Saturday, September 1, 2012

Atlanta Trip : Day One

We just got back from a wonder Labor Day Weekend.  Ya'll know that I don't tell you when I'm away, but that doesn't stop me from saving a few drafts while we are there, so without further delay, here is a look at our trip.

This morning I woke up and took Louie to to boarding facility while everyone else got ready.  My mom and dad help dress Eli, and Eric loaded the car.  Then it was off to Atlanta. 

We stopped in Dalton, GA for lunch at Panera.  We rested once we got to the hotel, then it was off to dinner at Pitty Pat's Porch. 

If you've never seen Gone With The Wind...shame on you.  Ha!  No, if you'v never seen it Scarlett goes to Atlanta to be with her Aunt Pitty Pat.  While there the Union moves in and they must escape.  Anyway, there is a restaurant downtown called Pitty Patts, and we love eating there.  It was fun introducing Eli and Eric.

Afterwards we enjoyed another favorite Atlanta treat, the Sun Dial Lounge in the Reach Tree Plaza.  It's in a high-rise hotel and the sitting area rotates while you eat.  We were going to get Eli a Shirley Temple, but 45 minutes later there was still no services, so we just enjoyed the view and conversation.  

After that we were all pretty tired from traveling, so we headed back to the hotel to get ready for another fun day enjoying the "Capitol Of The South."

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