Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ten Thursday Thoughts

1. It's Thursday which means only one day stands between me and the weekend! Can I get a "Hallelujah?"

2.  It's been a super short week with Monday off, plus Eli leaves tonight to spend time with my parents.  We actually have two separate weddings this weekend and didn't think Eli would love sitting through them!

3. It makes me almost sick thinking about him leaving, and the older he gets the worse I become.  I think when he was younger I was just so exhausted that I didn't care.  Now I think about all I'll miss out on like cuddling at night and playing together.

4. I know it's good for him to be away, and maybe even better for my parents to enjoy him, but it's still hard.

5. Of course it's also good for me and Eric.  We can have quiet dinners, go on dates, sleep late and get caught up on some things around the house.

6. Usually I clean on Mondays but my goal is to do it this weekend so that me and baby boy can enjoy some fall fun next week.

7. Speaking of fall, we went to the library yesterday to check out some books.  Eli is really into Christmas right now, and just doesn't understand why it's taking so long for Santa to come.  Every time it gets a little cool he starts asking.  I thought it would be fun to spread some fall cheer!

8. I love fall.  It's my favorite time of year, and I fully intend to enjoy every possible minute of it!  I think maybe Eli and I should start by decorating the front porch?!

9. I have a gift card to Target, so maybe I'll run by there when I get off work to pick up a few goodies.  Then it's off to get my hair cut.

10.  I still can't decide on a style.  Any suggestions?

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