Friday, September 7, 2012

The Name Game

We have had so many people ask about names, so I thought I would let you in on the process.

Girl Name: We have had our girl name picked out since before Eli was born, because of course it would have been his name.  If the Lord blesses us with a precious daughter, She will be named Elizabeth Victoria Watson and called Ellie.  My mom's name is Victoria, so she will be named after her.  We laugh all the time and say she'll be 25 before she can spell her full name.  Haha!

Boy Name: Should we have a boy, he will be named after baseball bat...ha!  We've actually had this name picked out for a while, and it's a funny story.  With Eli and Ellie we just happened to like "E" names, but wanted to find another boy name to keep the tradition alive.  One morning we were in bed watching TV when Eli walked in with and bat.  We both looked and each other, and laughed because we knew we had found our "E" name.  Should the Lord bless us with another son, he will be named Easton Clay Watson.  Easton because we like the name, and Clay after my grandfather's middle name.  It also happens to be the my dad's middle name and my brother's first.

In case you're wondering Eli is named after Eric's grandfather, Harold.   His full name is Elijah Harold Watson. So we aren't leaving Eric's family out! We're just carrying on names from my family in this child.  Less than two weeks until we know if w're having an Ellie or Easton!!

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  1. I read this at five a.m. I highly recommend banana fanna fo fanna if we r gonna get serious about names here... Good job on names with a purpose. Love names with a little history to them. :)