Monday, September 17, 2012

Wives Tales Gender Test

Ya'll know I've been choppin' at the bit to find out who is joining our family, and with the big reveal getting closer, I had a little fun this weekend doing some old wives tales.

Chinese Gender Chart. - I have never known this to be wrong.  Of everyone who gets a false reading I later found out that they didn't calculate their Chinese age.  You have to do that!  Anyway, since it's always been right for me and my friends, I found this online it said...GIRL!!!

The Baking Soda Test - I never did this with Eli, but I thought it would be fun since it's safe.  You basically you pee in a cup with Baking Soda in the bottom.  If the pee reacts in a fizzing manor, it's a boy.  If there is no reaction, it's a girl.  Mine did not react, so the result...GIRL!!

The Wedding Ring Test - For starters, this is not my belly.  Ok, now that we have that out of the way,  I did this test with Eli and it too was right.  Basically, you put thread through your wedding ring and dangle it over your belly.  It it moves across you tummy, it's a boy.  If it moves in a circle, it's a girl.  Mine moved in a circle thus predicting...GIRL!!

The Pencil Test - This test has been done in my family for years, and it's always right.  My grandfather is from the mountains where this is practiced often, so I can attest to it's accuracy.  What's interesting about this test, is it not only predicts the gender of the current pregnancy, but also shows past and future babies....including miscarriages or abortions.  
You thread a needle and put the sharp end into the eraser of a pencil.  From there you have someone dangle it over your wrist.  A motion running up and down the arm indicates a boy, and a side to side motion indicates a girl.  When doing the test accurately, it stops between children before moving to the next gender.
Mine always runs up and down my arm, stops, and them moves side to side.  Obviously showing Eli followed by a....GIRL!!

Cabbage Test - I also did the cabbage test which goes like this.  You get a head of red cabbage and cut it into chunks.  From there you boil them in water for 10 minutes.  You then pee in a cup and mix equal amounts cabbage juice and urine.  Nice...ha!  If the mixture turns red or orange, it's a boy.  If it turns pink or purple, it's a girl.  Mine was purple, meaning....A GIRL!!

Gender Quiz - The last test I did was an online gender quiz that asks questions about how you're carrying, cravings, hair, acne, feet temperature, and a billion other weird things.  At then end, it spits out an answer based on wives tales from around the world.  For me, it predicted... GIRL!! 
Even though I had a blast doing these tests, I don't buy into them.  If I put stock in any, it would be the pencil test, but even that has room for error.  According to the gender predictors we will be welcoming a girl, although, I won't believe any of this silliness until I see for myself on that ultrasound screen.  Even then, I'll hold my breath until they put that little naked bundle in my arms.  Ha!!


  1. I love this!!! How crazy that all of them predicted girl!! I can't wait to find out :)

  2. that is so crazy that every test predicted a girl! I did them all as well and it was 50/50. Can't wait to hear if you are having baby Ellie or Easton. How exciting!