Wednesday, October 10, 2012

18 Weeks

**Disclaimer: This is a horrible picture of me, and I look like I have crazy lady eyes, but it's the only one I had**

How far along: 18 weeks
Size of baby: Ellie is the size of a sweet potato, which are in season by the way!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Because I keep losing and gaining, I'm starting to get confused on where I am compared to last week.  What I can tell you is, I finally gained (never thought I would say that) and I'm now only 7 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. 
Maternity Clothes: Pants only.  Tops and dresses still fit, although I did bust out some long sleeve t-shirts for comfort. 
Gender: It's a GIRL!!  Elizabeth Victoria Watson
Movement: I've actually been nervous that I haven't felt her much.  I know I'm so much busier than when I was pregnant with Eli, but I can't help but worry.  I have felt a few butterflies, but they were much lighter than I remember.  
Sleep: Compared to my last pregnancy, I sleep pretty rough.  However, considering that I haven't truly slept in three years, it's really not been to bad. 
What I miss: Running.  Again, never thought I would say that. Ha!  I tried to run after Eli yesterday, and felt like an out of control whale!
Cravings: None really. 
Symptoms:  I still get fatigued pretty easily, but we can attribute that to my lack of protein.  I also still get pretty gnarly heart burn.  

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