Wednesday, October 31, 2012

21 Weeks

Happy Halloween!!  I'll be sure to post lots of pictures tomorrow from our activities, but I wanted to go ahead and document this week's pregnancy highlights!

How far along: 21 weeks
Size of baby: Ellie is the size of pomegranate.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm still about six pounds under pre-pregnancy weight.  
Maternity Clothes: I HATE maternity clothes!!  The pants are all baggy and it's too cold for dresses; I'm sorta of in a slump!
Gender: It's a GIRL!!  Elizabeth Victoria Watson
Movement: Ellie has been moving a lot more.  In fact I don't think it will be too much longer before others can feel it!  She's been having herself a little party all morning long. 
Sleep: I can't get enough!  I am so exhausted all.the.time!  I get 8 hours a night, but could seriously use 10-12.   
What I miss: Diet Coke. I had to give it up thanks to the whole dilated kidney. 
Cravings: None really. 
Symptoms:  Round ligament stretching. I know it's a good sign that she's growing, but I'm just not a fan of lower abdominal pain!  

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