Friday, October 5, 2012

Jackson's Orchard

One of our favorite fall traditions is going to Jackson's Orchard here in Bowling Green.  They have tons of fun (and free) things for kids to do. 

It's fun to see how much Eli changes from year to year.  Last year he was obsessed with the Cider Slider.  However, this year he is on an independence kick which means he wanted to do everything by himself.  This ended in a billion trips down the smaller slides!  Of course I was fine with not hoisting my pregnant body up the stairs. 

The petting zoo was less appealing this year than in past.  I guess my boy is more into running and climbing than least for now.

Of course Eli is also much more adventurous this year which meant lots of jumping around.  One thing that will never change is the little tradition of drinking Apple Slushes before we leave. 

We loved out little outing!!

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