Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One Last Hooray

I love fall, which means that Eli and I spend a lot of time enjoying outdoor activities like going to the park and pumpkin patch.  As you have probably heard, there are some major changes headed our way, so I decided to leave the housework behind to soak in one last perfect fall day with my boy!

We went back to The Garden Patch.  It's just closer and more convenient  not to mention kid friendly.  Here is Eli trying to convince me to let him buy a pumpkin!  Of course we have all the pumpkins we can handle, so I stood my ground!

We did, however, go through the corn maze with Eli as the leader.  He gets such a kick out of picking which way we turn, and every time he sees a scarecrow he let's me know that it didn't make it out...haha!

Since we don't have trees in our yard, playing in the leaves is a BIG deal!  In a few weeks we will be going to Eric's parent's house, and I can not wait for Eli to get to jump in the piles there!

It's funny to me because growing up on a farm we spent many afternoon playing in the hay and jumping from roll to roll.  Eli of course doesn't get to do that since we don't have a farm, yet that seems to be his favorite activity at the pumpkin patch.  

They have some really cute hay mazes along with a caterpillar and the spider you see pictured above.

My silly boy also loves playing in the corn pit, which makes me so happy to see this smile! 

Next year it won't be just me and Eli, and that's truly bittersweet.  I can not wait to bring Ellie along, and I love imagining her sweet dresses and Texas-size bows!  However, this is the end of an era, and a part of me will always miss these sweet Mommy/Son dates.

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