Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hold on tight, cause this is gonna be an "all over the place" kinda post.  Here are 10 thoughts running through my head this fine October morning!

1. Let's see, it's Tuesday and despite a bumpy start to the week, things are going pretty smoothly so far.

2. Eli is going to see Eric's parents tonight, and he'll be there through Friday.  I think I mentioned this one time before, but it gets harder and harder to let him leave.  The thing is, he needs special time with each set of grandparents, and I need the time to catch up on things around the house.

3. Playing catch-up is the real reason I agreed to let him stay three nights instead of two.  While he is gone I plan on reorganizing "command central" in our kitchen and completely revamping the laundry closet.

4. I also need to winterize the outside toys and put away the beach towels and bags....sigh.  The big question is whether or not to wash before I put it up.  Don't get me wrong, they could stand a nice cleaning, but I'll just redo it before the first use next spring.  Decisions, Decisions...haha!

5. Oh yeah, if there is time, I'll be tackling my closet and starting on Eli's.  Of course I could also clean out the refrigerator  do a few loads of laundry, practice the song for my brother's wedding, and possibly catch up on this blog.

6. Other than that, I'm looking forward to going to bed whenever I choose.  Honestly, 7:30 sounds pretty perfect!

7. And while we're on the topic of resting up, I am finally getting some energy back.  I'll be 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow, so it's about time!  Maybe that's why nesting is starting to kick in.

8. Speaking of nesting, my friend Tina will be adding a new baby to her "nest."  She is literally due any day, and I cannot not wait for Parker to make his debut!  Her oldest son Owen, is EXACTLY one week older than Eli and they are best friends.  We say Parker and Ellie will just have to have an arranged marriage!

9. Since we are talking about Ellie now, I've gone monogram crazy.  Actually, I have exhibited large amounts of self control when shopping.  I thinks it's because for just a few dollars more I could custom order something with her initials  Would you believe the child doesn't have a bow to her name...yet?!  It's a disgrace I tell ya!  Ha!  Maybe I'll do an Ellie post soon with her current wardrobe, but first I have to buy the child some bows!

10. Finally, I am in this wonderful season of expectation.  Not only is a baby on the way, there are so many things to look forward to in the months ahead.  For example, my church Bible study starts up tomorrow night.  My brother is getting married later this month.  Then there's Halloween, Election Day, Granddad's Birthday, Colby's Birthday, Thanksgiving, and the entire Christmas season.  I'm just looking forward to

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