Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Monster Mash

Today Eli and I met up with one of my co-workers and her son, Charlie, for a play date.  Actually, it was more like a belated birthday celebration.  Charlie turned one last month, but Eli was home sick with the stomach bug. 

 First we ate lunch at Chick-fil-A, and of course that was a major hit!  Then we took the boys to the National Corvette Museum for the annual Monster Mash!

It's so much fun because the kids get to Trick Or Treat from classic cars.  It is such a fun and unique atmosphere!  Only in Bowling Green, Kentucky do people not mind rambunctious toddlers around their pricey cars.

As you can see, Eli was a baseball player which is actually not his "real" costume this year.  In fact, Halloween is sorta tricky at our house.  We usually have to come up with THREE for Halloween, one for daycare, and one for fun events like Monster Mash.  I just don't trust him not to ruin his stuff!

Of course our Halloween costume is always the best of the three, and I can't wait to show you what Eric and Eli have up their sleeves this year!!  The daycare costume is usually left over from last year, which is smart if I do say so myself!  This year he will be Batman...AGAIN!  Finally, we have the "extra" costume if you will. 

This year it was a baseball player.  You see, we already had the pants, jersey and why not?  Plus, Eli is obsessed with baseball, and was so proud to sport his look! 

The thing is, we needed red socks, and I was too cheap to buy athletic socks for a two year old.  My theory was a pair of long, tube socks from Wal Mart would work, problem is, they didn't have any.

So, I resorted to red tights.  That's right, Eli was wearing tights instead of socks.  He didn't know difference.  Plus, Halloween is supposed to be cold this year, so we may get more wear out of them.  Ha!  A fine parenting decision!

Oh yeah, check out this Lamborghini   It belongs to one of my college professors, and we were so excited to take a picture with it!

Back inside the Corvette Museum we played lots of carnival games, won some silly prizes, and just enjoyed the best of this Monster Mash!

I was hoping all the fun would warrant a nap.  ALAS, no nap!  Instead, Eli is going strong while I document our little trip and cook some healthy appetizers for dinner...YUM!!

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