Monday, October 22, 2012

Wedding Bells

Before I begin this lovely post, I would like to say that these pictures are all stolen from Facebook, because as mentioned in my last post, I forgot to get the pictures off my dad's camera.  If your pictures show up here, please consider it a lesson in "online safety."  Any sicko could steal your pictures. Granted, I'm not a sicko, but I am helping you become aware of the dangers.  Ha!

Ah, Wedding Day!  I woke up and went to my sister's apartment for her to do my hair.  I must say, she did very well.  Then me she rode with Eric, Eli and I to the church.  We were supposed to be there at 10:00, but we didn't make it until 10:30...oops!  Don't worry, all the pageant and TV experience paid off, and I was dressed and ready to go in about 15 minutes.  

We took about a bazillion pictures, and since I'm a good Christian lady, that's all I'll say about that.  Then it was time for my final sound-check.  I cried like a baby.  However, I assured the sound-man that I was indeed a professional under pressure and would be just fine once the ceremony start.  

Ummm, not so much!  I'll get to that a little later, but first....

Back in the bridal parlor we prayed over Mandi, and once again I cried my eyes out.  I don't think I shed a tear at my own wedding, but this one just got to me.  Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones, but I think it was because my family has been through to much adversity since I married only four years ago.  In many ways it felt like we were on the other side, saying "we made it."

Once the ceremony began, the waterworks started.  I made it through the song, but not without many tears.  Then I cried all the way down the aisle and through the entire wedding.  One of the most touching moments of the ceremony was when the wedding party laid hands upon the bride and groom as the preacher covered them in prayer.  

Eric and I were supposed to pray, but for some reason the preacher took over.  It was probably much better that way considering my emotional state at that moment. 

Following the ceremony, we had a beautiful reception at a local country club.  I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed spending time with family and friends we rarely see.  Of course Clay and Mandi radiated a joy that was contagious! 

I have to brag on Eric for just a minute because he gave one of the greatest Best Man speeches I have ever heard.  I laughed; I cried, and I saw how much my husband loves my family.  That's a beautiful thing.  Again, we have been through so much in the past four years.  Standing there together, it seemed like we had never lost that innocence, and we knew that no matter what comes our way together we are strong, and the Lord's hand is upon all of us.  

In closing I would like to share with you what I learned on wedding day...THE WATSONS CRACK UNDER PRESSURE!!!  Haha!  Actually, that's not true.  The Lord is out strength, but it is funny that I didn't make it through the song, Eli refused to walk down the aisle, and Eric cried during his speech. 

Haha! It was a blessed day to celebrate an incredible couple, and I am so proud to have gained a new sister.  

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