Monday, October 15, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

We had the most wonderful and refreshing weekend visit with Eric's parents.  In fact, this is the only picture I took, and it was on the iphone. Anyway,  Dixie had been on fall break this week and was watching Eli so that I could get some work done around the house.  That meant Eric and I had a quiet car ride.

I can't even tell you how much I loved that time with him.  We talked about spiritual and biblical truths, we discussed our family, and we shared our prayers for both Eli and Ellie.  The Lord had put some of the same burdens on our hearts, and to see his work in our lives and the lives of our children was amazing.

Ronnie and Dixie are so good about helping with Eli when we are visiting, which means that Eric and I get to catch up on sleep.  We also don't plan a lot of activities, so we spend most (or sometimes all) of our time on the farm.  Being away from the internet and outside in nature is so reviving.

We rode four-wheelers, sat on the porch, enjoyed family meals and really just recharged our batteries.  It was such a blessing to us.

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