Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Nice Visit

It has been a crazy kind of Saturday around these parts. Radar stayed all night with us and slept in Eli's bed which was the cutest thing ever!  This morning we woke up and took him to the boarding facility for the weekend.  It was so sad, because that is where we used to take Louie.  For some reason Eli thought we were there to pick him up, and he cried when I got back in the car with our old pal.  Please, don't worry because and order of biscuits and gravy cut through the pain.  Ha!

We cleaned and showered when we got home, then we went to meet Eric's parents  in town.  We ran by the Fruit Of The Loom store and had a nice lunch at Penn Station before heading to the basketball game at WKU!

Poor Eli was tired.  He wanted to sit in Eric lap because he could recline, eat popcorn and watch the Toppers play.  Ha...What a life!

You can see how tired he was in this picture, sweet boy.  I didn't have a thing red that fit.  Let me rephrase that, I didn't have a CLEAN thing in red that fit.  Oh well, my Topper spirit shined through!

After the game we hit up the mall where I was able to get a few more things checked off my gift list!  Then it was back to our house for pizza before Nan and Grandad hit the road.  It was a fast, yet wonderful visit!

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