Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Cookies

After church this morning, we decided to continue our holiday fun by having making Christmas cookies with Eli.  Ya'll know I'm not the best cook, so you can imagine how well this went down. 

For some reason we could not get the dough to roll our, so I was going to resort to drop cookies.  However, Eric couldn't settle.  Bless is heart, he worked the dough, added tons of flour, and rolled it all out on wax paper, just so Eli could use the cookie cutters.  

Then my dear husband made us colored icing so that we could get more creative.  

This boy was in Heaven.  He picked every color and even chose the sprinkles to match.  

I know you're choppin' at the bit to eat these babies, but please control yourself.  Between all the flour in the them and me overcooking them, they weren't actually eatable.  

Of well, it was fun and this sweet boy sure was proud of the finished product! 

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