Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning brought magic into the Watson home, just as it should.  At some point the the night before, I ended up in Eli's bed.  So we he started stirring I was there to make sure he didn't get to see the presents before we got his reaction. 

Here's the little sleepy head coming into the family room. 

And pure joy to see his toys!

We spent the morning in out pajama's playing with all the goodies.  Time stood still for me.  There was no rushing to work, no schedule to keep, no chores to do...just me and my boys.  It was precious!

After a few hours of playing, it was time for me to get dressed and start on Christmas lunch.  Eric's family was coming into town, and we were serving lunch.  

We ate in the dining room on Christmas China, and this boy thought he was special getting such fancy treatment.  By the way, this is a forced smile.  He wouldn't cooperate, so I had to inform him that if he didn't smile, there would be no presents...he smiled!

Oh, and there where presents.  Lots and lots, and lots of them!  Not just for Eli, Eric and I were plenty spoiled too!

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  Thankfully, Eric's mom was able to bring a cake and save us from our fiasco the night before.  

Sadly, Christmas was rushed because Eric's family had to get home before the Western Kentucky blizzard.  We had already arranged for Eli to be gone, and we didn't have childcare lined up.  This meant I had to send my boy away on Christmas Day.  I cried like a baby, and I still get weepy thinking about it.  However, it was our only option.  But don't you worry.  We are being reunited TONIGHT!!!!

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