Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I have to tell you that I felt so much pain this morning as I got up to prepare for our Christmas festivities.  On the back of my mind were the families whose plans were permanently interrupted by yesterday's tragedy.  My heart truly breaks even as I recall our day.

We awoke this morning and watched Elf On Shelf, then it was scrambled eggs for breakfast and a few chores before getting cleaned up for Cupcakes with Santa. 

Normally we do breakfast with Santa, but this year we decided to go for something a little more low key.  This was only a few minutes from our house at Mammoth Cave National Park Resort which meant that we avoided the heavy crowds and the traffic!

Another bonus was that it wasn't very busy.  This allowed us to spend lots of time with Jolly Ole Saint Nick, and to take it all in as a family. 

You can tell that Eli was just beside himself with excitement, and this picture was taken BEFORE the sugar rush of cupcakes!

Eli kept telling Santa that he wanted a Hot Wheels car.  I tell you what, that's proof that it's the simple things in life that mean the most. 

Next it was time for cupcakes and milk. I don't think we could have given the child anything better.  He was in love with the sweet treat!

And I was smitten with him.  Really, who couldn't be?  Just look at that face!

After cupcakes we went home for a little while.  I did some laundry and cleaned while the boys played.  After that we headed to town for a quick sushi dinner and a drive around town looking at lights.  Eric spoiled us with drinks, cookies and popcorn for the trip!

The first house was on a farm near where we live.  The man goes all out!  We went to about three more houses before Eli wanted to go back and see "Jesus' Barn."  Don't you worry, we let him!

And who couldn't with a face like this...priceless!  He is so overwhelmed with Christmas, and I am truly soaking it all in.  

Now he's snuggled in bed while I write this and watch Four Christmases.  It was a blessed day to celebrate time as a family, and I can honestly say that in light of everything that has happened, it was a little more special that normal.  

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