Friday, December 21, 2012


It's funny how one phone call can change the course of things.  Sometimes it changes your mood, sometimes it changes your day, and sometimes it changes your life.  I received one of those phone calls this morning. Although it didn't change my life; it change my perspective.  

I knew when the phone rang, immediately following the show, that it was probably NOT going to be good news...especially when I realized that caller was my dad.  He never calls me during work hours.  Well, by the grace of God, it was to inform me that my mom had walked away from this wreck with only a few bumps and bruises.  PRAISE THE LORD!

She normally drives a very heavy Yukon but took the truck to work this morning so that my dad could have a tune up done.  She hit a patch of ice that sent her spinning into a metal light pole.  As you can see, it ripped part of the truck bed off, broke out some windows and bent the frame.  

She is fine and in great spirits although a bit sore. It's funny because that last thing my parents need right now is the burden of a new vehicle  especially since their insurance won't pay for the damage on this one.  However, we have a much different perspective.  

My family lost my grandfather in 2008. We lost our business in 2009 and our home in 2010.  In 2011 my dad and brother nearly lost their lives in two separate yet equally serious incidences.  Meanwhile, I had very serious surgery for a bowel obstruction and my sister was hospitalized for another medical problem.  We thought we might make it through 2012 without Mom getting a turn...guess not!!

We have learned that the Lord gives and takes away, and although this is another earthly possession lost, he has given us the gift of life together here and the promise of eternal life in Heaven.   He has sustained us through many trials, and yet again, his protective hand has covered our family. And so today - this day of impending world doom  (sorry Myans)- we praise our Creator for his provision for our family!

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