Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer

It's the first weekend in December which only means one thing...The Christmas Festivities begin!!

As per usual, ours started off at the Bowling Green Christmas parade where Eli was greeted by Big Red.

We also ran into Jimmy Deemer who makes the best BBQ in Bowling Green!

Every year the on-air talent at my station are in the parade.  Lucky for me, they let this sweet boy tag along.  He rides in the stroller and yells, "Merry Christmas," to everyone in the crowd. 

He loved the attention and his Momma! Sweet boy!

After the parade we went to Historic Railpark and Museum where Eli got to play in the gift shop and see the model trains which were part of the Festival of Trains.

Unfortunately, I had a little scare with the pregnancy that landed me in the hospital shortly after.  Everything is perfectly fine, so please don't worry.  I'm just glad that Tina met me to take Eli so that I could have everything checked out.  

I got bored in the hospital, so I tried to document the whole experience.  I wasn't there too horribly long which was nice.  The nurse also took the time to get me registered so that delivery day would go smoother...yay!

After the hospital I met back up with Tina and the boys at Chick-fil-A.  Then we made a Kohl's run before heading home.  After a disastrous attempt at a nap we gave in, ate a family dinner at a Mexican restaurant  bought outdoor Christmas lights and headed home.  

Minus the whole baby scare, it was a wonderful way to ring in the holidays!

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