Wednesday, January 9, 2013

31 Weeks

How Far Along:  31 Weeks

Size of baby: Ellie is the size of a pineapple.  

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm about 6 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I hope I don't just balloon up all at once.

Maternity Clothes: Yep!  Maternity pretty much all the time these days.  

Gender: It's a girl...Elizabeth Victoria Watson!!!

Movement: She still moves, but as I mentioned last week, it's much less frequent.  However, there is no denying her whole tummy shakes around. 

Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty well this week.  I hope to be well rested when she makes her debut. 

What I miss: No denying it...I would give just about anything for a Diet Coke!

Cravings: None this week. I'm just hungry in general.    

Symptoms: I'm pretty tired today, but I've had a weird few days thanks to Eli being sick.  Other than that, I'm starting to get some back pain. Ugh!  Let's hope it's from all the cleaning I did yesterday. 

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